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Our Kids


Miley read her story
Miley's Story

Miley is a beautiful five-year-old girl diagnosed with stage IV Osteosarcoma. This is a very aggressive form of bone cancer which originated in her left femur and then spread to her lungs. Miley's father is raising Miley and her older sister alone. He is unable to work as he must be available to care for Miley while she fights her way through multiple rounds of chemo and lengthy hospitalizations. The family recently had to move into a friend's basement to reduce their cost of living. The bravery of this family is an inspiration to all.

Maximum Hope Foundation covered one month of bills, including utilities and a car payment, and provided gift cards for everyday items for the family.
Sam read his story
Sam's Story

Sam is a 17-year-old boy who is receiving hospice services at home after a long fight with ALL, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Both parents are on leave from work to allow them to spend as much time as possible with their son.

Maximum Hope Foundation made one month's mortgage payment for this family.
Sophia read her story
Sophia's Story

Sophia is a precious 5-month-old girl who was born with severe brain anomalies. Her parents are experiencing the effects of decreased employment hours due to time spent at the hospital. Sophia's mother and father make just enough money that they cannot qualify for financial aid. The additional expenses of Sophia's care have put added strain on their already depleted income.

Maximum Hope Foundation assisted the family with gas and grocery cards. We also paid their cell phone bill, car payment and insurance.
Lincoln read his story
Lincoln's Story

Lincoln is an adorable 4-year-old boy who received a life-saving combined liver, intestinal, and pancreas transplant several years ago. Unfortunately, he has since been hospitalized regularly due to acute rejection and/or infection following the operation. Lincoln's father is a military veteran who is currently in search of employment. He has been traveling out-of-state to interview for jobs with the police force, but is restricted as to where he can work because Lincoln needs to be close to a transplant center.

Maximum Hope Foundation assisted this family by making rent payments on their behalf.


Lucille read her letter
Lucille's Story

In January of 2014 our now 2-year-old daughter Lucy was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH). She was suffering from skin rashes that were being misdiagnosed, and she had two lumps that developed on her head. One of the lumps was an enlarged lymph node, the other was a soft tissue mass being caused by her white blood cells eroding a hole in her skull.

I resigned from my job to be Lucy's primary caretaker and advocate. Since then she has had two surgeries and has been on five different chemotherapies. Through it all Lucy has been such a positive and cooperative patient.

My husband's work has been very spotty and we have had to cash out all of our savings. We were unable to pay our rent, and all of our utilities were threatening with 15-day notices. The emotional stress of having a child with a rare life-threatening disease and the financial stress left us feeling hopeless. I confided in our social worker about our financial and housing dilemma and she suggested we apply for a grant with your foundation. Through Maximum Hope and the donations of your sponsors, our prayers were answered.

Now we are continuing to move forward with life and Lucy's chemotherapy. Lucy enjoys playing with her older 4-year-old sister, Ginger. They love to sing and dance, especially songs from the movie Frozen.

Thank you so much for your help!

The Davilas

Larry Jr read his letter
Larry's Story

Hi, Big Larry here.

I was weeding our garden today (which took a very long time) and it gave me a chance to reflect and think about Little Larry and everyone who helped get him to where he is today. He turned 14 on June 11th and man what a 14 years it has been! Maximum Hope Foundation gave us a boost when we needed it the most, and here we are today with Larry, so happy and grateful to have him as our son.

I want you to know that your kindness was so appreciated. Maximum Hope Foundation was instrumental in helping us get to appointments, pay bills, and fix our vehicles. I also feel fortunate that we are able to "pay it forward," as we are working on a website inspired by Larry's experience which will help kids get ideas on how to advocate for themselves while staying at a hospital, how to stay calm, and how to create long lasting relationships with those that are caring for them.

Please feel free to share this message with others; your group made such a difference in our lives! We in return are hoping to help others as well! We love and appreciate you!

Larry Sr