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A Message from Brad

Dear Friends,
Message from Brad

In the year 2000, following the birth of my second child, the word “grateful” took on new meaning for me. I had always known I wanted to be a father but having two thriving, healthy children brought joys that I could never have foreseen or imagined. Parenthood also made me aware of the fragility of life and compounded my gratitude for our family’s well-being. From this new level of appreciation that my children instilled in me I became determined to help other families who were less fortunate.

The inspiration for Maximum Hope Foundation came shortly thereafter when we befriended a family whose beautiful son was battling cancer. When he tragically lost his heroic fight at the age of eleven, our mission became clear. Named after my children, Max and Hope, we created a non-profit organization that offers practical aid to families with a child battling life-limiting illness. We recognize that medical bills, the failing economy, and the frequent need for a parent to stop working to care for their little one can take an overwhelming financial toll. In the midst of unthinkable emotional hardship families may find themselves without the means to pay for groceries, utilities, transportation, or rent. It is at times like these that Maximum Hope steps in, working quickly to provide the necessities we so often take for granted: food, water, power, gas, and a place to call “home.” We are a helping hand and open arms, bringing compassion, relief and peace of mind to those who need it most.

Please join me in supporting these families as they face the battle of their lives. Your gift will remind struggling children and parents that they are not alone, and that hope remains even in their darkest hour.

Thank you and may your lives be filled with peace, joy and good health.


Brad Garrett

To visit Brad Garrett's website, please go to: www.BradGarrettComedy.com